How Often You Should Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned

Septic Tank CleaningUnlike a city sewer line, a septic tank can only hold a finite amount of sewage. That means, at some point, you are going to need septic tank cleaning in Orlando or risk the contents of your tank overflowing into your home and seeping up onto your lawn.

So how often should you have your tank emptied? Ideally, it should be once every three to five years if you are using your septic system normally. However, if you have a large family, frequently use your garbage disposal, or have children that might like to flush down things they shouldn’t, then you are likely going to need to have your system pumped more frequently.

The thing to remember is that this occasional pumping out of the septic tank is essential for its continued, reliable operation. When your septic system isn’t working correctly, it doesn’t just lead to expensive repairs, but also potential health hazards. So, don’t neglect your responsibility for maintaining your system properly. If you haven’t had your system cleaned out in a few years, make sure you make an appointment before any damage occurs.