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A & L Septic wants you to know that the choices you make when you buy a new septic tank can have long-running ramifications on your property, budget, and the environment around you. One of the smartest decisions you can make when you choose a new tank is to select a concrete one. Whether you are seeking a new septic tank in Orlando, FL, or interested in learning more about our maintenance services, you can rest assured our team will be able to assist you with your needs.

Our business has more than 30 years of experience providing assistance throughout the community, so you can trust us when you need a septic tank installation in Orlando, FL. Additionally, we are one of the only companies in the area that are certified to make septic tanks. Call us at (407) 273-2149 to discuss having a new tank installed on your property or to request a free estimate for septic tank maintenance in Orlando, FL.


Plastic tanks have a certain popularity among many septic tank contractors. Why? Because they are very light and can be handled easily with small equipment. Installing these tanks does not require a crane truck or specialized equipment for lifting. This makes for a much easier job, but does “easier” mean “better?” Not in this case.

Both plastic and concrete septic tanks are water tight structures that serve as a primary treatment receptacle of wastewater. However, there are important differences between the two material used.

graveyard of collapsed and failed plastic tanksThe drawback of plastic tanks is that they are not structurally rigid like concrete is. Plastic tanks deform and change shape under soil pressure loading. The deformation of a plastic septic tank can cause plumbing backups into your house. In many cases, in areas of high groundwater table, the plastic tank will structurally fail. This can leave you in a bad situation. Plastic tanks are more susceptible to deformation when they are pumped out for routine maintenance. Plastic tanks are also susceptible to floating out of the ground in areas of high water tables, when pumped out. The saturated soil pressures pushes up on the lighter, empty plastic tank.

Concrete’s structural ability to affectively resist loads is undeniable. We see it every day in our lives. Concrete is used in roadways and buildings. Your home is being held up by a concrete foundation. If concrete can be trusted to hold up your home why not trust the durability of a concrete septic tank as part of your septic system?

Another advantage with concrete is that it does not harm the environment. Concrete is a recyclable product. Plastic septic tanks are not recyclable; therefore they are hauled away to our local landfill.

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