Signs You Need Immediate Septic Tank Draining

septic tank drainingAny issues with a septic tank are usually immediately and uncomfortably apparent. No one wants to deal with a backed-up septic system, so knowing the early warning signs is key. Septic tank draining is often the only answer when the following issues manifest themselves:

Something Stinks

Septic tanks don’t typically have a smell above ground. If you catch the odor of something unpleasant, it means the tank isn’t doing its job and likely needs draining. Gases can accumulate and, if the build-up is left unchecked, are a significant cause for concern.

The Pipes Are Talking

Drainage pipes that make noise are a warning sign that something is amiss. If you can hear sounds in the septic tank or the toilets and sinks aren’t draining correctly, it’s best to call your septic tank contractor to investigate.

Unproductive Flush

Your plumbing system uses gravity and pressure to move things into the septic system. If your toilet starts to act up and make gurgling noises, there’s a chance your septic tank is too full.

Not That Kind of Pool

When water starts to pool around your tank, immediately call for septic tank draining. The pooling is an indication that the tank has excess solid waste and the system is not working as it should.

Ultimately, any issue with your septic tank means a call to a septic company that can assess the problem and provide a solution.