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Understanding Septic Permitting in Orlando, FL

Septic Service in OrlandoWhen you install a septic system, you first have to procure the proper permitting. The Environmental Health Section of the Florida Department of Health (FDH) is responsible for issuing septic tank permits. To apply for a permit, you will need to fill out Form DH4015 and submit it along with a site plan to the Orange County office of the FDH. You will also need to have a site evaluation as part of the application process.

For a new system, the permitting fee is currently $425. This fee includes the cost of the site evaluation. Along with your application form, you will need to attach a Zoning and Flood Plain form, a document that authenticates your ownership of the property, and a floor plan of the interior of your home.

Once you receive your permit, you must use a state-registered master septic tank contractor for the installation. At A & L Septic, we have provided exceptional septic service in Orlando since 1984. We are deeply familiar with the regulations and standards regarding septic tanks, as well as with the proper procedures for installation, maintenance, and repairs. If you have any questions about permitting or installation, we are happy to take your call.