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How Does Septic Tank Cleaning Work in Orlando?

Septic Tank Cleaning in OrlandoYour septic tank plays an essential role in your plumbing system: it stores and process wastewater. As you can imagine, maintenance is crucial to keep the tank functioning right so that you never have to see that wastewater somewhere it doesn’t belong. But when you arrange septic tank cleaning in Orlando for your property, what’s actually happening?

Septic cleaning is often confused with septic pumping or draining. While they are quite similar, there are differences. When you get your tank pumped or drained, only liquids are removed. Cleaning, however, removes both liquids and solids. In particular, the process involves breaking down compacted sludge from the bottom of the tank. Depending on the equipment used, the technician may break up the solids using a rake tool or powerful jets of water.

When Should Your Tank Get Cleaned?

If your tank isn’t cleaned often enough, the solids from your wastewater will develop into a thick layer of scum that can eventually clog the tank. How frequently you need septic tank cleaning depends on a number of factors, including the size of your tank and how many people are in your household. In general, experts recommend having your septic tank inspected every three years to determine whether it needs to be cleaned out.