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When to Consider Getting a New Septic Tank

Septic Tank in Orlando, FLA septic tank in Orlando, FL, is a smart choice if you live in a place that isn’t connected to a municipal sewer system. While it is a simple way to dispose of waste, it also means that you need to keep an eye on its maintenance needs. There may come a time when you will need to repair or replace the tank.

When should you replace the tank? Keep an eye (and nose) out for the telltale signs. If these symptoms are affecting your yard, then it’s time to call a septic tank contractor.

  • Backed Up Sewage: The sight of raw sewage backed up in your sinks and toilets is never a good sign. It almost certainly means that your septic system is clogged. If you hear gurgling coming from the drains, you may also be facing a congested pipe system.
  • Puddles in the Yard: Septic systems are supposed to treat wastewater before dispersing it to the drain field. When the system is overtaxed or failing, it may end up flooding the area where the tank is buried. If you see puddles in the yard even when it isn’t raining, you have a bad septic tank on your hands.
  • Contaminated Well Water: Chances are, if you have a septic system, then most of your drinking water comes from a well. If the water from your faucets smells foul or looks dirty, then there is a strong chance that your septic tank has failed and is contaminating your water. This creates an immediate health hazard, which means you need a replacement as quickly as possible.

By knowing the signs, you are on your way to keeping your home a safe and sanitary place. Keep an eye on your septic tank and get professional assistance if you notice anything wrong.